AI Writing Tools vs. Human Writers

As a blogger or a business owner, you want to know exactly what is the best choice for writing articles and blog posts; AI writing tools or human writers.

This question has been asked a lot after the invasion of AI writing assistants recently. And just saying assistants may make you feel a little relieved. So the answer to this question.

We can’t say for granted that one is better than the other until we understand the concept and differences between AI writers and Human Writers and how they work as we explain in detail in this article.

So, by the end of this in-depth article, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of human writers and AI writers and you will be able to answer the question “what is the best” for writing your content?


It has been said that writing has been around for thousands of years. But now, The content writing industry is undergoing a lot of changes due to the development of AI writers increasingly becoming better and able to mimic the human style of writing. 

As a writer, I’ve always been curious about the future of writing.

So Many people “especially copywriters” are afraid that companies will make the switch from human writers to AI writers and lose their jobs as professional human writers.

Because they feel it is possible to create quality and fast content with AI writers.

This article is going to compare the two types of writers in terms of their quality, productivity, and cost and answer all the questions about which is the main player in the content writing industry.


Here are some explanations for certain terms that will help you understand what’s going on while reading the article.

Artificial Intelligence “AI”:

The artificial intelligence writer is a type of automated computer algorithm that can produce a text from scratch by using advanced technology such as GPT-3.

Artificial intelligence is a service that simulates the intelligent behavior of computers, it offers a variety of writing services that are more than just proofreading and sentence expansion. They can help with specific challenges like:

  • Email personalization.
  • Social media post caption.
  • Google ads copy.
  • Blog ideas.
  • Paraphrase.
  • Headlines expanders.
  • Summarizer.
  • Brand/produce description. etc.

AI writers can write many types of content by using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, what is an Ai writer?

AI Writers:

AI writers or AI writing assistants are software that can generate content for a given topic. AI writing assistants help content writers by getting rid of writer’s block and generating content ideas at scale.

AI writing assistants are increasingly getting popular in the workplace. They have been used to generate all kinds of content such as blog posts, ideas, brand names, emails, letters, descriptions, and much more.

Human Writers:

A human writer is a person who writes content for a particular topic. They are the one who has the idea, the emotion, and the creativity to make it happen.

The human writer is not a machine, but they are not just another person either. Human writers have their own unique set of skills and abilities that they can use to be effective in their work.

Human writers can be creative and emotional at times, but they also have certain limitations that make them less efficient than AI writers in some areas.

1. The Writing Process

There are differences in the writing process between AI writers and human writers. But how easy is writing content through AI writing assistants and human writers?

AI Writing Process:

Writing articles and content ideas using Ai Writing is so easy compared to human writers, but making a solid piece of content using AI writers is not as one click of a button as it may look.

The process of writing begins with you picking the kind of content you want to create and the topic that the content will talk about.

Let’s assume that you want to write a blog post, you will provide the AI writer with the post topics and keywords then the software algorithms will search the internet websites, blogs et,c to collect the information and then form the specific content.

After that, you want to go through the content that the AI tool made and review if there’s something not relevant to your topic.

The key point here is giving the AI writer a piece of perfect information and keyword and a full description of your topic so the robot will give you a good piece of content.

4 Steps to writing content via AI writers:

  • The first step in writing is forming the introduction using the introduction template.
  • In the second step, you ask the AI writer to form the outlines of the blog post by using the outlines template.
  • The third step is forming the body of the post by putting each outline in the paragraph template and forming a complete paragraph for each outline.
  • Finally, you will use the Conclusion platform to generate the Conclusion of your post. 

 In each step, the Ai writer will give you many choices to choose between them, so you’ll put some effort and time to choose between them and you will need to check the structure and make some Editing before publishing the post. 

These are general steps you will follow when writing using AI writing assistants, some AI writers may differ.

Human Writing Process:

On the other hand, The human writer is more difficult, and time and mind-consuming compared to AI writers. It takes more effort and a lot of research to produce the content.

Since a human writer will do everything on his own, he needs to put in the time and effort to work on all the ideas and content and sort things together to make a great piece of content.

The process for human content writers will vary According to the human writers but in general, it happens with the following steps:

4 Steps to writing content via AI writers:

  • Firstly, The human content writer will understand the topic and the audience he is writing for them to determine the style and the tone he will choose.
  • Secondly, the initial brainstorming process and researching about the topic to collect the data and information.
  • Thirdly, forming the outlines and then use their skill to write the bulk of the post with a tone and language that is suitable for the audience.
  • Finally, edit the content and analyze the sentence structure and grammar of the content, so that the content can be written in a way that is not confusing to the audience then Publish the post. 

2. The Writing Speed 

The speed of writing is important for the success of any writing project. There’s no better time to understand the differences between human and artificial intelligence writing than when you’re trying to meet the project deadline.

AI Writing Speed:

AI writers are becoming a popular tool in content marketing because they can generate content faster than human writers. AI writing assistants can generate content at scale in a matter of seconds.

In addition, AI writing assistants are more efficient than human writers when it comes to speed because they don’t have writer’s block and are able to generate content ideas at scale. Also, AI writers don’t get bored or distracted.

Human Writing Speed:

On the other hand, The time it takes for human writers to create a piece of content is longer than the time it takes an AI writer to write the same content. Human writers get bored, sick, and have writing blocks.

According to RATATYPE, The average typing speed for boys is 44 words per minute and for girls is 37 words per minute.

3. The Originality 

One of the biggest differences between human writers and AI writers is content originality and what makes a piece of writing original is not just the content, but also how it is written.

While AI writers can write quickly, human writers can write more slowly but ultimately produce better and unique content. But why?

AI Writing Originality:

AI writers have nothing truly original. The pieces generated by AI writers are similar to content that has been created by humans.

The algorithm is based on other people’s writing and AI writers are constantly writing and rewriting their work. So, it will always be derivative.

The fear that AI writers will be able to produce original content that is indistinguishable from human-written articles is not unfounded, but it may not be something you -as a human writer- should worry about too much at this point in time.

Human Writing Originality:

Unlike AI writers, human writers can produce original content if you give them the time and resources. To obtain originality, human writers need to spend time on their craft.

Also, human writers are building on and improving their skills and learning how to create better and more accurate work.

Human writers are using their ideas to create something special and unique, which is more likely for the readers to enjoy. 

4. Information Validity 

One of the biggest challenges in the writing industry is how to write content that is both accurate and interesting.

With no valid facts or accurate information, you provide on the content, you are most likely to be known as a ridiculed and distrustful person.

AI Writers Validity:

There is a major issue with AI writing, it is the fact that you will not be 100% sure about the information’s validity and accuracy.

The information that is produced by AI writers is not as accurate as human writing and it is difficult to determine if the AI writer is getting the right feedback.

This is mainly because AI writers are not fact-checking the information which generates as it depends on already written facts at different times.

Human Writers Validity:

Differing from AI writers, human writers are more accurate and can check the fact and validate the information.

Human writers bring the information accurately in the actual time, the time the text content has been written or edited. So, human writers will do better when it comes to information validity.

5. Grammar

Grammar is important to the writing process. It is an essential part of the language, and it makes sure that we can understand what is being said.

It also helps us to be more accurate in our writing by making sure that we use correct punctuation and capitalization.

The importance of grammar is that it makes sure that the meaning of what we are saying is understood by others and also helps us with accuracy.

The difference in grammar between AI writers and human writers is not that great, but it is worth considering.

AI Writer Grammar

AI writing tools tend to have more natural and simple grammar. They have a more limited vocabulary and tend to use more basic sentences. Also, AI writers tend to have a more passive voice.

But, they nearly make no mistakes in grammar, and that gives them an advantage in the content writing world, as human writers make mistakes in grammar.

Human Writers Grammar

In contrast to AI writers, Human writers have a more diverse vocabulary and use sentences that have more complex grammar. 

On the other hand, you may witness some mistakes will you read content written by humans. In the end, they are humans.

6. Style and Creativity

AI Writing Tools Assistants Style and Creativity:

AI writers are not without flaws. They are not as creative as humans and they do not understand all the angles of their work, so, they tend to be repetitive.

Despite AI writers will produce more content with less effort, the content that is produced is of lower quality.

This is because AI writers need to understand human language and the human psyche to produce creative content. AI writers tend to have a more standardized approach.

Additionally, the style of AI writing assistants is not as great as human writers. Nonetheless, many AI tools and programs can write for you with different styles as we mentioned earlier.

Human Writers’ Style and Creativity:

Conversely, human writers are more creative than AI writers.

One of the main reasons that humans are more creative is because of our ability to interpret observations and understand the world in different ways.

Humans can think outside of the box and come up with new words and phrases that sometimes AI writers don’t come up with.

Not only the Humans writers are more creative in their ideas but also they can write with a variety of different styles and skill levels.

Human writers can choose to write in a more structured or less structured manner. This is typically a result of the writer’s style and the audience’s preference. 

human writers are building on their skills and learning how to create better and more accurate work.

So, the most trusted and widely used tool when you need a creative piece of content with a specific style it is better to use human writers. 

7. Sense and Emotions

 Content writing is an art and strategy, not just a science, which is carried out by skilled professionals who write articles that are relevant and valuable to a certain audience.

To keep their audience engaged, they need to keep their content rich with emotions and senses.

AI Writing Tools Sense and Emotions:

AI writers struggle with emotions, and their writing often lacks the feeling of words. 

This is why when you are looking for a writer, a human writer is the better option. In contrast, AI writers can be a little bit more robotic.

AI writers don’t have that sense of emotion and feeling that a human writer has, they can write on topics that are more specific and where there are fewer emotions involved.

This can be frustrating for the company that wants to write something that is more personal and where they can convey the sense of emotion and feeling.

Human Writers Sense and Emotions:

When humans write, we can convey a sense of emotion and feeling. That’s why a lot of people turn to write as a form of self-expressive art.

To get an emotional impact from your writing, you should probably write something more personal and contain human appeal. And the best choice for that is human writers.

8. The Writing Cost

The cost of writing is one of the criteria everybody looks at when hiring a writer. Everyone needs written content at a lower price. But is the cheapest one, the best choice?

AI Writers Cost:

The cost of hiring an AI writer is significantly lower than the cost of hiring a human copywriter because AI writers can produce content at a much faster rate.

AI writers can help save time and money, which is crucial in today’s business environment. In general, the cost of AI writers is a lot cheaper than that of human writers

Human Writers Cost:

The cost of human writers will vary depending on the professionality and the experience of the human writers. 

The cost of human writers is higher because they put in a lot more time and effort, and they provide more value.

Pros and Cons

AI Writers Pros:

  • AI writers are available 24/7 and they can write quickly and meet deadlines with ease.
  • No writing block and it doesn’t get boring or tiring.
  • Automatic plagiarism and grammar checking.
  • Available in a different language.
  • Affordable price.

AI Writers Cons:

  • AI writers are not as creative as human writers.
  • Lack of originality, AI writers are only able to produce pre-written content.
  • Less accurate and need fact validation.
  • Poor detection of the sentences’ awkwardness and lack of personal experience.
  • AI writers cannot express strong emotions, and also cannot create an emotional connection with the reader.

Human Writers Pros:

  • human writers can create a variety of content with different styles and genres.
  • better at emotion, humans have a natural ability to connect with people and will be more likely to take the time to connect with their audience and interact with them.
  • More accurately, human writers can check the fact.
  • Human writers produce unique and creative content.

Human Writers Pros:

  • more expensive than hiring AI writers because it’s a lot more work for humans.
  • More time-consuming.

Will AI Writing Tools Replace Human Writers?

Many questions are being raised about whether AI could replace human writers. While AI-generated content has many benefits and is developing at a high speed.

At present, we should not think of these AI writers as a replacement for human copywriters. They just provide assistance to the content writers by getting rid of writer’s block and generating content ideas at scale.

So, you can use an AI writing assistant to assist you to generate ideas and continue writing when you face writer’s block. But not take AI-generated content for granted.

Best AI Writing Tools

There are numerous AI writing assistants, and there are the best. From our experience, it appears that the there AI writers below are the best in the industry.

Our Top picks for the best AI Writing Assistants are:

1. Words AI: Better choice and low price.
1. Jasper AI: Best over all.
2. Copy.AI: Relaible.
3. Rytr: Better choice and low price.

Human vs AI Writers: The Conclusion

While AI can write faster in a way that mimics human writing, AI-generated content still has its limitations. it still lacks creativity, feeling, and human experience.

Whereas human writers are more expensive and slow, they produce unique and creative content with strong emotions which meet the customer’s preference.

You can use AI writing assistants to help you write an article, but you can not rely on it for writing the whole article and approve it to be legit.

The artificial intelligence industry is improving day by day, they have not yet dominated the human writers market, but we don’t know what it’s coming in the future.

ComparisonHuman WritersAI Writers
Writing ProcessHardEasy
Writing Speed SlowFast
OriginalityOriginalNot original
Information ValidityAccurateNot accurate
GrammarSome MistakesNo Mistakes
StyleDifferent stylesLimited styles
CreativityMore CreativityLess creativity
Sense and EmotionsMore emotionsFewer emotions
Best practiceWritingWriting Assistant


Can AI write better than humans?

It depends on what you mean by writing better. If you mean that they are capable of generating content that is just as good as a human writer would create, then the answer is no. However, if you are looking for AI to help with the process of writing by providing ideas and suggestions, then yes – AI can do this much better than humans can.

Can artificial intelligence replace human writers?

Artificial intelligence will not replace writers in the near future, as it needs some time to adapt and mimic human sense and accuracy. But in the long term, no one knows.

Is AI the future of content writing?

While AI can help to write content, it doesn’t always provide quality results. Nonetheless, AI is getting better and better. Surely they will reach a point where they will be considered the future of content writing.

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